Revitalized Hearing

1 Comment » Written on August 8th, 2013     
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I’m currently going thru a bit of a milestone event. Several weeks ago I got my first pair of hearing aids! I know, 51 seems a bit early for that but it’s something I knew I would face from a …

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Conspicuous Blanks

4 comments Written on August 13th, 2012     
Filed under: Family, missions, News

Today was the culmination of a very long process for our family; at least for Miles, Kendra and me. We went to the Tachikawa branch of the immigration bureau and received our new status as “permanent residents” here in Japan. …

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Emergency Vehicle Permission

1 Comment » Written on March 16th, 2011     
Filed under: earthquake, News

Yesterday’s major accomplishment was getting an emergency vehicle permit for my car from the local police. This gives me permission to get on the expressways in and around the affected areas. We are told that fuel is available once you …

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On Solid Ground

14 comments Written on March 12th, 2011     
Filed under: earthquake, Family, News

Seismological data would show that the ground around Japan is almost always rumbling, even if ever so slightly. But it only gets strong enough for us to feel every once in a while. I felt the earth begin to move …

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Annual Conference

2 comments Written on November 13th, 2010     
Filed under: missions, News

We have just finished the 2010 Annual Conference, where we gather with our Covenant Missionary Committee co-workers here in Japan and spend time in ministry reports, accountability, planning, and prayer. We tend to have a lot of fun when we …

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Saying Goodbye to childhood

1 Comment » Written on August 19th, 2010     
Filed under: News

Just over a week ago I said “goodbye” to our eldest child, Miles, as he headed off to college in Colorado. Hydi went with him to help him get settled and will be back after a couple weeks. So she …

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Pomp and Circumstance

Post a Comment » Written on June 6th, 2010     
Filed under: News

The last couple of weeks have been full of year-end events at CAJ.

  • A week ago Wednesday Miles and his classmates gave their senior comprehensive presentations, culminating a year long project. We all went to watch and Miles did quite

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President Elect Obama

3 comments Written on November 5th, 2008     
Filed under: News, politics
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I got to watch the final days of this presidential election from here in Japan. I hand delivered my early ballot to the county clerk in Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago so it didn’t really matter where I was …

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Sojourners Article

2 comments Written on October 17th, 2008     
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My friend and fellow Covenant pastor, Eugene Cho made the cover of Sojourners! And more importantly, the article gives reason for hope! Check it out.

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