山奥の春 (Springtime in the Mountains)

2 comments Written on May 2nd, 2014     
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It’s already May and in a month and a half we’ll be moving to Akagi. Our house in Tokyo is besieged by piles of cardboard boxes and recently we’ve been …

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Conspicuous Blanks

4 comments Written on August 13th, 2012     
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Today was the culmination of a very long process for our family; at least for Miles, Kendra and me. We went to the Tachikawa branch of the immigration bureau and received our new status as “permanent residents” here in Japan. …

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Nervous Papa…

5 comments Written on June 7th, 2011     
Filed under: Family, missions

Kendra left for the U.S. today. She is flying by herself, via Los Angeles, to Colorado Springs. After a few days there with grandparents she will once again fly alone, leaving at about midnight for an all night flight, arrive …

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On Solid Ground

14 comments Written on March 12th, 2011     
Filed under: earthquake, Family, News

Seismological data would show that the ground around Japan is almost always rumbling, even if ever so slightly. But it only gets strong enough for us to feel every once in a while. I felt the earth begin to move …

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Being Covenant

Post a Comment » Written on January 30th, 2011     
Filed under: Family, missions

Yesterday was the annual gathering of all seven churches that make up the Tokyo District of the Japan Covenant. We converged on the Meguro Covenant Church for a time of praise, business, learning and fellowship. The theme for the learning …

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A Year and a bit…

3 comments Written on November 19th, 2010     
Filed under: Family

Last night as I lay in bed falling asleep I was jolted by a staggering realization. A week ago Tuesday was the first anniversary of my mother’s death. The fact that I could have gone through that day, and another …

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