Sunday, November 2nd

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Today I visited a Covenant church in Chiba prefecture, just outside of Tokyo. It is called IBF (backwards for FBI…) Actually it stands for International Bible Fellowship and is pastored by Rev. Ino. It is one of the very bright spots on the radar right now as far as the Japan Covenant is concerned. We had a great time worshipping at the 10:30AM and 1:47PM worship services. Don’t just love that starting time for the second service! Something to do with a scripture reference… Afterwards Pastor Ino and I had a chance to discuss various possiblities for cooperative ministry when we return to Japan next summer. Everything is still in the earliest stages and there are probably lots of other doors and options to explore before we arrive at a final decision.

In the evening I went to another Covenant church about an hour away. It is the Kuki Grace Church, co-pastored by ECC missionary Jay Haworth and Rev. Oyamada. It was my first time to worship there, so that was fun!

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