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Well it looks like I will finally be going to Sendai. Until 8:30 this evening the plan was to leave at 6AM tomorrow but then the plans suddenly changed again as we are waiting for one more truck. So we don’t have a definite departure time yet but hopefully some time in the morning. I also don’t know how long I’ll be up north but probably less than a week.

I loaded the car with supplies, bought enough non-perishable food for myself for the next few days and now I’m ready to go! We will probably make some stops on the way to distribute what we have. Then on Sunday we will be waiting for a supply plane to arrive at the Sendai airport. We have been given permission to take as much of the supplies as we can handle so we are scrambling to round up trucks and cars. What we can’t take will go to the government relief agencies.

The reactors in Fukushima continue to be in a delicate balance… damaged, overheating,  but somehow being kept from complete meltdown by the water that is desperately being sprayed on them… This afternoon we observed a moment of silence at 2:46PM followed by prayer; exactly one week since the quake struck. Scripture recounts numerous instances of God reigning down fire from heaven… so I’m convinced that to extinguish the radioactive fires would take but  a breath from on high. Oh Lord, breathe… breathe on the reactors in Fukushima and snuff out the fires. Breathe Lord… breathe on the souls of those who so tragically perished and show your infinite mercy. Breathe… on all the bereaved who are missing their loved ones and give them comfort… on those who are cold and hungry… those who are scared and alone… those who are in need but have no where to go… Oh Lord, breathe… breathe on us.

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2 comments “On My Way”

Will continue to pray.

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Go Jim! Just by being there, you are part of that breath of God. I am with you in spirit only because I can’t actually be there to work along side you. I have become invested though and am raising money through the sales of my E-books. You will get it at the end of the month to use as needed. How else can I help – I am in constant prayer (like Moses on the Mountain, while you, like Joshua on the ground fighting)for you. I see the homeless and the orphans and want to bring them home. I have the room, but I am thousands of miles away. I read this morning that the earth trembles at the presence of the Lord – I am acutely aware that God’s presence, through His servants, there in Japan at this time is going to spark a great move of God.
Go after it Jim!

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