Festival of Homiletics: Day 2

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Tuesday began with more gems from Barbara Brown Taylor… you should have seen the line for her book signing during the coffee break! She was followed by Teresa L. Fry-Brown and then Thomas Long took the podium and WOW!!! 

Long highlighted 4 stories from Luke, weaving together a compelling and unified understanding of Luke’s perspective on wealth and the kingdom. First the magnificat in chapter one. The key is that when we hold onto the old world it is not only greed, but the fear of being loved that compels us. Mary sings about that love and the coming charge.  Then the road to Emmaus: The economy of God is one of abundance; found in the material things. What we do with the stuff of life is a manifestation of our faith. The tactile and sacramental quality of the Christian life is made known in the breaking of the bread. Thirdly, the story of the rich fool which is a parallel with the prodigal son. Ultimately, when we try to give ourselves our own party we get cut off. And finally, the dishonest manager: We are all being relieved of our management positions in this world. So take all we have and make friends with it. But who are our friends… of course, the poor, the weak, the lame… So use your money to make friends for the Kingdom of God! Live life in such a way so that when the Kingdom comes yo udon7t have to hang your head in shame. The Kingdom of God; where the grace of God is known in the breaking of bread!

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