Back in the Zone

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It’s been over two months since my last post. I apologize for the long silence. After seven trips to Tohoku in three months I was feeling the need for a break. In August we were able to spend time together as a family and it was great. But vacation is over and today I find myself back in Tohoku. This week’s Covenant team consists of two folks from the Tsurumi Covenant Church (Yokohama city), four members of a Covenant church in Taipei, Taiwanese missionary to Japan, Paula Chen and myself. The two team members from Tsurumi took the train up earlier in the day. The group from Taiwan flew in from Taipei this morning, arriving at Haneda Airport around noon. I was in meetings all day so we didn’t meet up until about 4:30PM. Then we got stuck in traffic getting out of the city. Other than the traffic our drive went smoothly and we pulled into base camp in Miyako City around 2:30AM. Please pray that the next few days will provide opportunities to share the love of Christ in meaningful ways with those needing it most.

Stopping to stretch and eat at a rest area in Fukushima!

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Jim, So good to see some updates! I wish I was with you on this trip! I will be praying for the team! Please say hello to Paula for me! Keep updating us and let us know what we can be praying for specifically.

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