Home Improvements (or what can be done when school is on break)

We are enjoying our mid-semester break at RFIS.  It was a busy end to the semester since not only did progress reports and comments need to be prepared but all our desks needed to be packed and moved out so that the rest of the admin level floor could be tiled.  The project started in the mid-semester break in October but was scheduled for completion this week.

So the first day of break found me packing, sorting and grading.  However I had a a few other things I wanted to do.  I had brought back from the US some backsplash tiles for behind our stove but have not had the time to get to installing it.  This was the time!


A view of the area before starting the project (part of the dessert making adventure is pictured.)


Tiles for the backsplash

So armed with tiles, rotary cutter, level, various rulers tape and scissors the project began.






And stick!

Four hours later….

Check one project off the list – now back to ordering supplies and grading papers!

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