Interesting Differences Between Places

I just returned from a visit to Kigali, Rwanda and I am reminded about how different cities can be from one another.  Both my current home in Yaounde and Kigali are vibrant, loud and hilly cities.  But I was immediately struck by how clean Kigali is.

Kigali street cleaners
(image from New Times Rwanda)

Also I was impressed by the rules for moto taxis – everyone wears a helmet and only one passenger per taxi.  Considering the accidents we have seen here, this would sure add to the safety on the roads.

Moto taxi driver carrying a helmet for his passenger.

And waiting at a stoplight – no need to wonder how long you will be waiting.

(from httpsi.redd_.itgfc11i8kf0x11.jpg)

Not too mention the wonderful people I met – just like those here!

Church in Rwanda

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