Love In The Form Of Chocolate

It is well known that there are many languages of love and less than two weeks ago, the 12th grade class at RFIS explored those of sugar and chocolate.  The annual Valentines dance needed a dessert that could be made ahead and served easily to 170 individuals.  OF course we also wanted it to be special and CHOCOLATE!  

So we made 350 pink meringues!  This was our sugar content.

Piping out meringues is a big job and not as is as it looks when using a ziploc bag as your pastry bag.


The finished products (a small portion of them).

Then we turned 11 liters of cream and 6.5 kg of dessert chocolate into 170 dishes of “Chocolate Mousse”.  

Heating cream and chocolate (with a little vanilla) as the base of a delicious chocolate dessert..

One of 11 batches of the chocolate base.

But it is not your traditional mousse -Check out this recipe!

1 liter of whipping cream with 500g of dessert chocoate melted into it. Adding 3 packages of vanilla sugar per recipe (although you could use real vanilla) and then chill -at least overnight.  Then when you are ready to use it whip it up.

Once whipped it was put into plastic serving cups and refrigerated until the event the next day.

Stacking cups into the refrigerator.

As we served, the meringues and a few sprinkles were added.  And thus the 12th grade class brought a little love to the “gym” with its newly added lights.

Serving desserts to some happy diners.

And a final up close look at the super simple easy dessert that I plan to make again!

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