When Worlds Collide – Joy and Tears all lead to Prayer

Exhausted I walk off the airplane and through bleary sleep deprived eyes I seek the sign leading to a coffee shop in the Nairobi airport. I have 12 hours until my flight for Europe. Then I  hear “Is that you, Carolyn Stoker?” Standing before me are friends who are also in transit to another plane bound for another continent.  No plans were made to meet but we literally did (almost) collide.

I meet a woman I had met once before (on another continent) at dinner at a friends house.  She was surprised to learn I worked at Rain Forest International School (RFIS) because she knew someone who had worked there in the past.  As it turns out her friend is my friend and former colleague and we could join in prayer together for a current health concern I did not yet know about.

These two events took place years apart but illustrate what happens over and over again in my life.  There are connections between different parts of my life in wonderful ways.  Some rely on the internet but the more amazing ones in this digital age are those that come up through face to face meetings.  These “random” connections are so often a source of blessing in our lives and the lives of others.


Do you have similar experiences?

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1 Response to When Worlds Collide – Joy and Tears all lead to Prayer

  1. Dave Carlson says:

    WOW, this story is getting pretty familiar with us, going back and forth between the States and Ethiopia ,now about every 3 months for my wife Shellie ( I am going twice a year now ) we are constantly amazed at how GOD puts people in a head-on collision with us ,so his plan for us with go in the direction HE wants it to go. If you want to you can friend my wife on FB (
    Shellie Carlson ) to see want GOD is doing for us and Ethiopia We hope and pray that you and Jeff and the rest of your family are All Well and good.

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