Rain and Weeds

My hibiscus and roses love all the rain we have been getting for the past few weeks.  It seems like it has rained every night, often with great shows of lightening and thunder.  The result is beautiful flowers, lush green grass and gigantic displays of WEEDS.

The beautiful rose has bloomed as the rains have come.


One of the hidden benefits of dry season is the lack of weeds and since I don’t aim to water them when I am trying to keep my roses alive I rarely see too many of them.  But with the arrival of rains they have exploded into life.


Scattered throughout the ground-cover, hibiscus, and roses are plenty of weeds. Also emerging are the spiky gladiolus leaves.


I find my life replicates my garden at times.  There are times when everything is hard and dry.  If  I am to continue to grow, I must be intentional about watering my soul.  I save my energy and time for things that give me life.  Dry times tend to make me more intentional about living well.

However when my life is “well watered” with the constant rain of good fun, free time, and fellowship with friends, it is easy for the weeds to also grow.  The weeds are things like activities that take up time but accomplish little.  So in times of plenty, I need to remember to savor the good things that I worked hard to keep alive during the dry times.

One of the “weeds” in my life’s garden.

Pulling out the weeds in my garden is work but it is easier to do when the soil is moist and they are not too large.  If I let them go and they become large with deep roots,  when the dry season comes around again they become very difficult to pull out as the soil hardens.  So it is with weedy habits which I allow to grow up in my life, in dry times they are harder to uproot and suck away needed water from the roses I want to grow in my life.

This is the time to pull out the weeds, while the soil is still moist from the frequent rain.

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