Popping Here and There

Carnival is one of the fun events that RFIS puts on for the community.


Jeff selling Carnival tickets.

This year the 10th grade class (for whom I am an adviser), had the opportunity to make kettle corn.  A few years back, a father and son made the kettle corn popper.

Carolyn stirring the kettle corn pot while trying to avoid exploding kernels and spitting oil.

For those of you who don’t know, kettle corn is a type of popcorn that has a light sugary glaze on it.  Make it in bulk can involve lots of errant kernels and hot oil popping about as you try to stir it so the sugar does not burn.

A small portion of the kettle corn made and consumed.

We were quite successful at our popping operation and it it definitely put smiles on a lot of faces.

Immediately following my kettle corn popping experience, I headed to the airport where I popped on a plane and headed to the UK.  The first few days were spent at a wonderful administrators conference outside a small town not too far from London.  So fun to learn about some interesting research on relational teaching and enjoy the beauty of Spring in the English countryside.

At the end of my conference I was met by one of my best friends from high school (which I spent in the UK) and had a wonderful few days with she and her family.  

Friends from Maidenhead High School. We met in 1972 !

I popped up to London to see WICKED one evening and also we also popped in on another high school friend.

With friends at Wicked in London.

It was a popping good time !!

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