The Rising Sun

Sunday morning found me walking up the path to school in the dim light of early morning.  As I headed through the prayer chapel garden the sky was brightening and glowing pink.  As I sat and joined with friends to sing, and read scripture the sun rose on our Easter sunrise service,  As I watched the sun rise and then suddenly burst forth with blinding light, I was reminded of my spiritual journey.

The coming light of the sunrise.

Having grown up in the church, surrounded by loving and faithful people, my faith slowly grew just as the light slowly filled the sky.  Suddenly the sun popped up from below the horizon and a life of living faith burst through.

The sun suddenly rise above the horizon with blinding light.

But what struck me most this particular Easter morning was what happened after the sunrise.  As the sun climbed in the sky, it went behind clouds and the blinding light was blocked.  It was still light, but the intensity had dimmed.  I was reminded that at times my experience of Christ is not a blinding light, but it is still present.  More importantly, the sun has not gone away – it is still present just as Christ is always present in my life.  I know my life can’t burn with intensity all the time but still the Son is present and brings life to me.

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