Lessons learned at Kribi

Everyone knows that learning is not restricted to a classroom.  We have a multitude of opportunities to learn about the world around us every day.  Last week was spent at the beach in Kribi, Cameroon.  It is a beautiful setting and we enjoyed spending time with our Covenant missionary colleagues in sharing, prayer, and learning.

There was even time for some biology related lessons.First there were the stings from jelly fish and sting rays to understand.

Then early one morning look what was rescued from the mouth of a dog digging in the sand.

The prey saved from becoming breakfast.

Found hatching in the sand by a hungry dog.


And finally a late afternoon walk yielded these “treasures”

Crabs and a Moray eel.

Best of all the Moray Eel was inspected closely both inside and out (you can dissect by flashlight) and then roasted on a stick over the fire before being eaten.

Sharp teeth on this slippery eel.

Working to dissect by flashlight at the Ilomba.

Identifying the inner organs of an eel.

It really did taste good – a very mild white flesh with no fishy taste at all, but plenty of bones.

Grilled and ready to eat – nice sweet flesh if you don’t mind the bones.

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