Refreshment … how we long for it.

At Rain Forest International School, the third quarter has just ended but there is still a week to go before the mid-semester break comes.  There are so many things to do and the weather has remained hot and dry.  We are all looking forward to refreshment.

Refreshment comes in many forms.  Last night the parched earth was refreshed with hours of good soaking rain.  I was also refreshed by it as the air temperature dropped dramatically and so the fan was blowing cool air across me as I slept.

The plants in my garden after only a few hours look refreshed and they have been washed clean of the layer of red dust which covered them.

Notice the raindrops still clinging to the leaves.

Refreshment also makes me think of the fact that the 10th grade class for whom I am an adviser will be serving refreshments after the drama performance on Saturday night.  They are going to be selling ice cream sundaes which should help refresh the spirits of all those who attend.

Who doesn’t love a bowl of ice cream no matter the weather?

Each morning as I sit with my coffee and read my bible I find my soul being refreshed.  Likewise praying with friends both near and far is refreshing to my soul.  


What refreshes you ?

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