Monthly Archives: February 2017

Building – Structures and Lives

Change seems to be the one constant in our lives and despite the challenges it presents it is good.  My daily walk to school has become a few steps longer but the view is constantly changing as the new gym …

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Changes …. About Time!

Rain Forest International School moved to its new site more than six years ago and we finally have had built the custom furniture for our reception area.  Our old furniture has served us well in many configurations for at least …

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Treats and Retreats

Somethings just don’t go as you plan!


No one plans for the buses to be late, for the rooms to not be in the buildings you had expected, or the power to be out for the first supper.  But …

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Pressing Forward – On Retreat

It is February and that means it is time to retreat.  In this case retreat does not mean to back away or fall back.   Instead it mean to press forward into relationships with God and each other, while taking a …

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