Giving Thanks

In the United States it is Thanksgiving Day.  In Cameroon we have just ended the season of Thanksgiving in the church.  On Sunday we will show our thanks to our pastor with a special offering.


Our pastor and his young son listening while his wife leads the choir.

Our pastor and his young son listening while his wife leads the choir.


Indeed Jeff and I find we have much to be thankful for this year.  But what about those in places filled with fear and fighting, loss of life and pain?  Can they find reason for thanks in the midst of life that is not filled with family, food and fellowship?  Would I be able to give thanks if I was in their place?


Since I am not living that hard life I look to those who are – and despite the pain I have seen many give thanks despite their hardship.  I recall scenes of worship by those living without many “essentials” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  I have been the recipient of their food and care as have moved among them.



This year we will celebrate God’s goodness to us in Cameroon, even while there is pain and fighting in other parts of this country.  I will be thankful for the good health that I have been given while I remember in prayer those who fight illness and hardship.  I will remember that all I have has come from the hand of God and it is by His hand we are sustained.

May your heart be filled with thanksgiving this year wherever you are.


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