Celebrating Resurrection Sunday

For the second year we have held a sunrise service on the RFIS campus followed by breakfast for all at our house.

Easter Sunrise Service

Easter Sunrise Service

We began by walking up in the semi-darkness to our Easter service, singing hymns of faith, listening to the words of scripture and sharing in the fellowship of prayer.

Lots of good food and time spent together following the service.  How sweet to be together in worship and fellowship.

Casseroles and Fruit

Casseroles and Fruit

Hot Cross Buns along with other yummy breads.

Hot Cross Buns along with other yummy breads.

(Followed by watching the NCAA Final four games recorded in the night and haircuts by Aleta.)

haircutting time

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  1. Karen Benson says:

    Loved reading about this! When I see pictures of all of you and the gatherings you have, it brings back so many wonderful memories! Great being able to keep in touch and when you guys come home. Know you are having a wonderful time at Kribi. Love, KB

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