Games, Fun and Time to talk

One of those who has finished his race is Charlie!  Jeff and I met Bonnie and Charlie early in our marriage.  They handed over the 4 and 5 year-old Sunday School class to us – including two of their kids.  Over the years we shared many days and evenings of laughter and games, times of prayer and discussion, and simply sharing meals together.  Their home was open to us when it was too hot in our non-air-conditioned home, when we needed a place to spend a holiday because it was too far to travel to family or we needed to unwind.  Charlie and Bonnie stood with us as our eldest son was dedicated to the Lord, they traveled to see us when we returned from Africa and provided us a place to stay on more than a few trips back from Africa.

Charlie showed us how to combine fun with serious devotion to God and family.  He was real and honest about who he was and what he was learning in the process of living.  Our lives are richer for intersecting with his.

Dear friends

Dear friends

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  1. Ila Gilbert says:

    So true carolyn. I served with bonnie on Christian women’s club and also Charlie worked in the same building downtown w.creek. our lives were blessed by both of their lives.

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