Thankful in November

The United States celebrates Thanksgiving in November.  Canada celebrates it in October and in Cameroon our churches celebrate a season of thankfulness in October AND November.  I love that the month of November begins with All Saints Day where we can remember those saints who have preceded us into God’s presence.  This month I want to concentrate on thankfulness for those saints and their legacies.  I realize I won’t even begin to celebrate all the saints who have blessed my life, but perhaps it will trigger ideas for you of people for whom you are thankful.

So I will begin with Vince Griffis, who only recently joined the ranks of saints urging us on to victory in our race of life.


Vince modeled living life with a dream and a focus.


Vince's dream

Vince’s dream

He reached out to those around him in both large and small ways.  Our family’s first interaction with him was when he “sold”(really gave) his family’s Christmas tree to our family when we came to Cameroon.  Ours was left behind in Congo and he said his was “too big” for the apartment he and Susie were moving to since their children were all back in the US.


The tree has been put together and the lights added - it still needs garland and ornaments in the days ahead.

Each year as  I look at it – I remember Vince.  Each day as I stand on the veranda of the administration building and look out on the grounds of RFIS, I am reminded that this was the dream of Vince.


Five days later and so much more alive looking.

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