Returning to UCSD and InterVarsity

Thirty six years ago I attended my first InterVarsity meeting at University of California at San Diego(UCSD) during Welcome Week.  That year (and for the three years following -at least) , InterVarsity hosted barbecues with hamburgers, sweet corn and chips to feed the hungry students since the meal plans did not start until the following week.  Not only was it a great service to hungry students, but it was a wonderful way to become a part of this fellowship on campus.




Last night, we (Jeff and I) returned to UCSD to attend the first InterVarsity Large Group Meeting of the year.  They still serve food -pizza now – even though the University has decided to feed students during Welcome Week.

Students still are willing to stand in line for food

It was great to meet some of our son Keith’s friends and to see how the group has grown.  Last night, the group met in Mandeville Auditorium (capacity about 800), with about 500 in attendance.  Plenty of room for them to bring friends next week.










As the students sang with loud voices and great energy, I thought back on the influence this group has had over the years.  Countless students have found friends (and spouses), grown in their knowledge of God, and  learned how to reach out to those around them with God’s love.  Not only did I meet Jeff through InterVarsity at UCSD, but from there came our call to missionary service.  I wonder who God is calling from last night’s gathering and how they will influence their world.  Please join me in praying that God will continue to work in the lives of students at UCSD to share His love with those around them both now and in the years to come.


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