Spring time ….Exam time

We have begun the final school term at RFIS  the fourth quarter of the year is marked by exams and testing.  The school is hosting three administrations or the ACT or SAT .


Testing room for the ACT and SAT exams.


  Educational testing for students with disabilities occurs.  The aim is to improve how we help students to learn as well as too allow them appropriate modifications on their external examinations. 


Linda has come to Cameroon for a few weeks to help with educational testing. She and the two others on the team are a real blessing to the students, their parents and the school.


This is also the term of external examinations – AP exams to students in grades 11 and 12 and IGCSE exams mainly to students in grade 10.



Cart set up for tomorrow's practice IGCSE Science practical exam. Students get to do three independent experiments on their exam.


With all that testing you would think this is a very dull term – but there is plenty of fun too.  The “fun” includes final sports tournements, carnival, and banquet.  Watch this space for pictures as the events take place! 


Pole going up (next to the scaffolding) for the zip line - a favorite part of carnival.

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