Carnival Fun

Saturday was the annual RFIS Carnival.  This is an event put on for the community by the students.  There are lots of games (mainly aimed at children) and skill contests.  Each school grade has 3 to 5 booths which they run. 

Fun on the courts - just watch out for the zipline!


Some of the adults enjoyed the Dutch Blitz competition where there were cards flying around to the amazement of some of the youngsters.


Carnival is never without food.  In addition to the cheeseburgers and extremely popular kettle corn, crepes were available this year.

Crepes for the sweet tooth - made on the spot and delicious!

Thankfully the day was cloudy for at least a part of the time – this helped with the heat.  Additionally there were opportunities to get wet!

Hostel Dad about to take a dunk from this sweet little girl.


This year also saw the return of the Zip Line.  Longer and even more exciting in its new location.  Safer too we think!!

Rider being hooked into his harness and onto the line after doing the safety checks.


Flying down the zip line - hanging on tight.


If you missed this year’s event – plan to come next year!

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