Transitions – Trying to Connect with Educators

As Jeff and I (Carolyn) move forward with planning our transition to a year in the United States, I am thinking about how we form connections with other people.




Just so you recognize us - with the RFIS Prayer Chapel in the background




We identify with different people based on a variety of factors, including the things we hold in common.  Recently we celebrated International Women’s Day.  I am not sure how you celebrated iti n your part of the world, but in Cameroon it was celebrated by women buying special fabric and making dresses.  Many of the women marched in the parade in downtown Yaounde.  However since it was a school day, I simply wore my skirt along with others from our school.  One thing I noticed was the smiles I got from other women as they noticed that I was also dressed in the fabric – it created a bond between us. 



Our Women's Day fabric came in two color combinations this year.





Similarly back in October, I joined with many others wearing another piece of cloth. 





Teacher's Day fabric from October 5th 2011




This cloth is for Teacher’s Day.  Both men and women wore clothing made from this cloth on that day if they were teachers but the bond created continues because each time I wear my piece of cloth I connect with others that also have some of the same fabric.

Although most of you in the US will not have this same fabric, I do wish to connect with you around our common interests.  One desire that I have in this coming year, while Jeff and I are in the US is to make connections with other educators.  I would like to share with other educators how God is working here in Cameroon at Rain Forest International School to bring about academic excellence along with a knowledge of Himself.  In order to do that I need to find educators.   Here on the appropriate day it is easy to find these people as we all wear the cloth of an educator, but since that is not true in the United States, I am hoping that you can help me make those contacts.

Once we have reopened our home in Vista, CA , we will be trying to connect with both churches and individuals so that we can share our ministry.  We are thankful that at this time in our lives we are able to travel and so hope to connect with many around the country.  If you can help us do that, please be in contact.  We are eager to share with you the ways God is working at RFIS and in Cameroon generally. 



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