Come on in….it is time to pray in the Prayer Chapel !!

Come on in….

Join us in praying in the newly completed RFIS prayer chapel. 

The chapel is not intended to be closed – it has no doors or locks.  Instead access is open to all, at all times – just like the God we come here to converse with.

I would love it if you could all be here in person to pray – but those of you in far away lands can join us by uniting with us in prayer for the next month.  Many in our school community are praying for God’s Spirit to act amongst us during this next month and you are invited to join us by clicking on the tab for 31 Days of Prayer her on my blog.

  The official start date is tomorrow October 17, but perhaps you would like to begin with me by thanking God for the completion of this structure and for the safe arrival of Ellen Ellison on Wednesday evening.

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