Follow the Leader – African style


One "cute" little friend playing Follow the Leader

I was called outside not long ago to look at this amazing “chain” of caterpillers. 

As they came off the tree they got a bit confused and made some loops.

 As we watched they blindly followed the one in front to wherever the first was going, it reminded me of how we as people, often follow the dictates of our culture blindly.  We just go where the “train” is taking us, instead of looking at what that might mean. 

The leader - does he/she know where they are going?

This group climbed a tree, came back down and then headed into the grass.  Not sure where their leader was taking them, but if one got out of the chain it had to fight to get back in.

Oops - lost my connection

I wonder what we could learn from this caterpiller chain?

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