Finding an old “friend”

Some Sundays in Yaounde, we do not have power.  This past Sunday was one of those days.  But the day without power gave me the chance to revisit an “old friend”.  Many years ago (probably about 40 – that is a long time ago) I was lent a book and I remember that I loved that book.  I have known the title since I first read it , but the author was forgotten.

The fronpiece illustration from "The Harvester" from the HathiTrust digital Library


However, about 30 years ago, while in graduate school I unearthed a copy from the library archives of UC Davis, and learned the name of the author.  And since then I have not forgotten it – but I have never seen the book again.

But Saturday evening I happened to be looking around for another book for my Kindle and found myself on the website where many classic books can be downloaded for free.  And on this site I found my long-lost friend – “The Harvester”.

An illustration by W.L. Jacobs from the book, from the website.

Sunday’s lack of power, did not prevent me from reading this charming book.  I did not remembet the story that well, but I did remember the wonderful descriptions of the plants that the hero of the book gathered and turned into medicines.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I highly recommend it – perhaps you can find a long-lost friend of your own – or make friends with mine.

Perhaps you will enjoy my "friend" too.

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