Celebrating Faithfulness

RFIS employee Ernest Buba welcoming visitors


On Friday August 19th, Rain Forest International School (RFIS) celebrated God’s faithfulness over 20 years of educating students and in the building of the new campus.  The new campus was dedicated and the Science facility was named for the beloved former teacher, Clem Endersby.

Attending were representatives of local and national government, the US embassy, the partner missions of RFIS, and some of those responsible for the building of the new campus. 


Important guests particpating in the festivities


Special mention was give to the first Director of RFIS,Vince Griffis, and his wife Susie.  They were instrumental in developing the vision for the school and setting in motion the development of the new campus.


Vince and Susie Griffis


Also honored was Clem Endersby, who touched many, both in and out of the school community, with his love of learning, desire to serve God, and to enable the translation of the Bible into the heart languages of the people of Cameroon. 


Carolyn aids Mary Endersby, widow of Clem Endersby, in unveiling his photo in the newly named Science Facility.


The afternoon was also marked by a presentation by the drama evagelism team, speeches and music as the community worshiped together.

The drama evangelism team presented one of their dramas


Praying in gratitude for God's faithfulness through the years


Jeff leading the assembly in "Great Is His Faithfulness".


Lois Crossley, the current Director, speaking of the joy of this day.


John Kerl accepting recognition award for the Evangelical Covenant International Partners at the dedication.


SIL Director cutting the ribbon in front of the new library building.


God has been faithful and we look forward to seeing His works in the days to come.


The stone marker from the old campus along with a new "RFIS" planting at the entrance to the school buildings.

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5 Responses to Celebrating Faithfulness

  1. Hannah Guillory says:

    Thank you for sharing! I teared up a little reading about the beautiful tribute to Mr. Endersby. He was a terrific teacher, class adviser, and simply a beautiful soul.

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  2. Lloyd says:

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  3. Elizabeth Stoker says:

    Made me cry with joy thinking of you guy honoring Uncle Clem like that. What a man 🙂

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  4. Janet Ziegelbaur says:

    Well written; great photos! It was quite a celebratioin and testimony to God’s faithfulness.

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  5. Darla Gregoriev says:

    nice update! in fact I would love to get some of your pictures for my newsletter? what ya think?

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