Wrapping it in Rice

Last week we said goodbye to Mavis Jansma as she completed her time here in Cameroon. 

Mavis giving a certificate to one of her students at the Middle School Celebration this year.


We celebrated, not only her time here in Cameroon, but also the years of ministry in Hong Kong and in Congo by making a visit to a local Asian restaurant.   One of the items we shared that night were Spring Rolls made with rice wrappers.  As Mavis explained rice wrappers were not common in Hong Kong or many areas of China but they are typical of Vietnamese cuisine.  This made sense as the owner of the restaraunt came from Vietnam as a refugee.

The rice wrappers for Vietnamese Spring Rolls


I was reminded that I had tried my hand at using rice wrappers myself.  They are available in Cameroon in a number of different stores but I had to go to the internet to find out how to use them.   First they are moistened in water and then put on a damp towel.

The thin rice wrapper after being dipped in warm water so that it becomes pliable.


The fillings are traditionally thinly shredded vegetables but can also include cooked meat of some sort.  The spicing varies from relatively bland to quite hot depending on the quantities of ginger and hot peppers used.

The filling is placed on the damp and fragile wrapper


Then the wrapper is folded over the filling to make a triangular packet

The packet is then rolled from the large end to the point

And finally we have the finished product that is ready to enjoy. 

Ready for consumption with their slightly chewy rice covering

This is how we ate them at the restaurant that night, however they can also be fried after chilling them.

Looking good!

Frying produces a crunchy covering but mine at least did not look near as nice after frying.  However the taste was still wonderful especially when served with some fried rice.

The fried product

Thank you Mavis for your years of service and friendship …. and reminding me to get out my rice wrappers once again.
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  1. RA says:

    Can you send me Mavis’ current email address, please, or ask her to drop me a line? Thank you.

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