Not for the squeamish

The last month in the AP Biology class I teach has a number of projects following the AP exam.  This year my students did a series of dissections.

First the frog….

The frog that was dissected.


Then the lizard …

The lizard is dissected by the students to show the internal organs.


And finally the squirrel (sorry Mr. Noren – we used it before it got too much freezer burn)

They worked to identify all the organs.


While dissecting the squirrel we discovered it was a female and she was pregnant, so 18 months after she had died, we dissected out the fetus

The unknown organ found - was the uterus.


The fetus was well developed and the careful clearing of the membranes left a well defined specimen.


As you can see they did a great job at the dissections.  Well done AP Biology class of 2010-11!

The extra creature - a worm living in the frog.

And you even got an extra!!!  The worm inside the frog’s mouth.

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