Ready, Set, …Finish!

If the school year is a long distance race to be completed –

this past week has been the sprint finish…

It began back 10 days ago when the 12th grade class lead chapel and then departed for their Senior trip.

Senior chapel marks the beginning of the final week of school

Then exams…

AP Chemistry students completing their final lab project.

MS Celebration ….

Science 7 students celebrate their completed projects!

Parent meetings and High School Celebration…

then final Graduation.

Valedictorian and RFIS Student of the Year - also one of my AP Biology students. WELL DONE Philipp

Graduation was held in a new location this year.  It had plenty of space but the lack of electricity was a challenge.  Fortuantely the low voltage available stayed on giving us some lighting until the recessional was just finishing!

The choir sounded great even if they were a bit hard to see.

And then Keith arrived from the airport as we arrived at the staff and graduate reception.

So now the season of tears is in place as people leave for a few weeks, months, a year or more permenantly.  It is hard to see each year the departure of those to whom we have become close and invested our lives in.  But even in this there are unexpected blessings.  Friday night the SN Brussels flight had mechanical problems resulting in a twenty-four hour delay in departure.  So a group of us had the opportunity to renew a longstanding friendship in person, when friends from Kinshasa had an unexpected stop-over in Yaounde. 

We are looking forward to the slower pace of these coming weeks before we gear up for the race to begin again!

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