Celebrating Beth’s graduation from APU


Last weekend we had the joy of watching Beth graduate from APU.

Our newest graduate!

   We were also so proud to be present to watch her receive the top awards in both of her double majors. 

The celebrations began with the Honors medal on Thursday night.


Beth with others recieving awards in the School of Theology on Friday morning.


We were so thrilled to be able to come for this time.


 Other special times included meeting many of her friends and professors that have enriched her life over the past four years.

Beth and her professor who comes from Cameroon


Youth Ministries was a key part of Beth's life at APU


Volleyball at the beach with Beth's friends on Friday night


We have been thankful to spend time with all our kids and our extended families. 

Cake decorated by Beth, her mom, and Meg Trihus to celebrate her graduation at her Saturday afternoon party!


And finally the graduate with her diploma!


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  1. Sheryl D Noren says:

    Wish I could have been there. I just missed it! We are proud of Beth too!

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