What a difference a year (give or take a bit) makes!

The look of RFIS has really changed in the last year.  It is sometimes hard to tell how much it has changed when you are present day by day.  But I think these pictures will give you an idea of the changes that have come in the last months!



February 2010




July 2010 Auditorium


And recently


February 2011 auditorium


And the entrance area…


July 2010



Dec 2010 Look how much neater it is.


May 2011 See all the grass, the retaining walls and other growing plants.


One last area for this post – – the changing rooms and courts.


Containers arrive November 2009


July 2010 Locker rooms built from containers and retaining wall going up


November 2010 Courts completed but waiting for basketball hoops etc.


April 2011 Love the container painting and the fully functional courts


It is amazing to see what has happened in the last year and a bit on this campus.  We have been and are being blessed.

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