Ethiopian Impressions

I spent last week in Ethiopia serving on an accreditation team for a school.  I found Ethiopia to be a beautiful country, with a lovely climate (at least in Addis Ababa), and many friendly people.  The majority of my time was spent with the accreditation team looking and validating the work of the school.  However on the last day there was some time for seeing a bit of the city and the people. 

View of Addis Ababa


Part of the school buildings


The transport options are so different in this city.

Downtown city traffic


These hardworking donkeys are just minutes from the downtown traffic.


I found the work these woman were doing with these loads to be incredible. The road into town had many mnay women with similar loads.


One of the sights I most enjoyed was travelling to and exploring the Old Cathedral and Emperor’s Palace which overlooks the city.  The museum had many interesting items and gave glimpses into the rich heritage of this beautiful country.

Food is one thing I love – and Ethiopian food is excellent.  I love the spice and flavors that combine together.

Traditional Ethiopian food which was a treat for the eyes, nose and stomach!


There are some unusual sights too …..they brought a smile to my face.

Football fans span the continents.


Notice the similarity to another coffee house brand?


Ethiopia is just one of those places I would love to explore in more depth!

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