A Prayer Chapel – a place to pray

When Rain Forest International School moved to its new location one of the things left behind was the prayer chapel on the old location.  While looking at our new site plans and finally the buildings one of our graduates who is studying architecture saw that there was not a prayer chapel on the new campus. 

The location for the Prayer Chapel when it was only a dream


He began to pray and dream, and involved others in his dreaming and praying.  The results is he has designed a prayer chapel for the campus

Looking from the Pavillion to the Prayer Chapel


Prayer Chapel interior design


Not only has he designed this chapel but he and others have also dreamed of a garden around that chapel area filled with beautiful flowers.  During the middle school retreat this year the students selected and potted plants to put in the area.  Benches were given as gift for the area.

Middle school students working on the garden


Garden area work has begun. We are still awaiting construction of the chapel itself.


Alumni, current students and staff, families and other interested people have been giving the money so that this dream can be constructed.  The money is almost all in but more can be donated to allow for buying more plants etc.  The hope is that construction can occur this summer.  Then the dream of one and the prayers of many will be realized in a place to pray.

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