This past week the RFIS Middle School students and staff learned about being plants at our retreat.  

Our speaker teaching us to rap about becoming plants

Find the important parts on this plant

The theme verse was  

A planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.    from  Isaiah 61:3  


We learned about  

roots, stems and leaves


We need our faith to well grounded in who God is and to learn to use the soil of life we have given. 


Just as stems push up and grow towards the life, we need to find our hope in the Lord and grow upward 



Flowers and fruits


Just as a leaves are extended to get the sun to provide nourishment for the whole plant so we can extend grace to those around us and allow them to grow in their faith. 


Plants that are well rooted, growing well and producing food will have flowers and fruit.  And so will we if are grounded by our faith, growing upward with hope,  spreading grace to those around us
– the result will be a life that produces the fruit of the spirit

 It was a great week! 

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