Retreat Time

This week is Retreat Time at RFIS.

This is when our students and staff spend some time together getting to know each other and God better.

Morning devotions last year at retreat

  The high school students leave the RFIS campus and travel somewhere to experience God in a new location.   The theme for the high school retreat involves looking at the extravegent gifts of God.   The middle school students stay on campus most of the time but have new activities and experiences that aim to help them develop their relationships with God.  They will be looking at growing and have a number of activities which involve plants and growing their relationships.

Please pray for safety as students and staff travel both within the city and outside it.

A small portion of the food for one meal at the high school retreat last year.

  Also pray for the logistics to work well.  Especially pray for the preperation of meals, enough water and power for all the activities for both groups of students.  Pray also for an injury free week.

Thanks for praying

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