In search of Hortense


This entry is really another flashback prompted by walking around the UC San Diego campus and seeing the following building each day on my way home from school here in Yaounde.

The hairdressers that reminded me of long ago days at UCSD,with lots of laughter and fun




This building (a shipping container converted to a business) started me on my search for Hortense.  Hortense originally came to UCSD in about 1978 and made ocassional apperances.   So I began an internet search for her.  At first I could only find this modern replica – which did not do her justice


A modern "pretender"


But after quite a long Google Image search I finally saw this glimpse of the “real Hortense”


a glimpse

Only the smallest glimpse let me know I was almost there.

And only a short while later ….her she is …found in all her bridal splendor.


No longer lost!

So have a happy walk back down memory lane,  all those 1970’s and 80’s brides for whom she graced your wedding shower tables.  I think and pray for you each day as her namesake smiles down at me.

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2 Responses to In search of Hortense

  1. Elizabeth Ininns says:

    Classic! I forgot about Hortense, but my marriage is still intact! Guess it’s about more than the fancy dress and stylish doo! Nerdy brides ultimate revenge!

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  2. Cathy K says:

    thanks so much for this trip down memory lane. I treasure those memories. My daughter Sarah is now studying abroad in Mexico and her host mom’s name is Hortensia!!

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