The Church is not a building…

The Church is not a building …. but having one sure helps!

I showed you the current state of the Grace Baptist church building last week.  It is not yet finished, but at each stage it has been used well. 

Take a look back with me:

The beginning


This is what was orignally put on the property after a few years of using rented facilities.

The tarped structure

And in this state it was used well and many were reached within the community.

Eventually a bit more was added

Wood siding begins

Front has siding

Time to remove some tarping

And then one week we arrived to see…

Fully sided structure

I am reminded of the parable of the talents.  The application seems clear to me – use what you have been given to the full, and then you will be given more.  The building of this structure shows that we do not need to be completed to be used.  There are plans to add windows and doors, then floors and other improvements.  However in the meantime the church is using what it has.   Often we have not perfected our talents, but are we willing to use them “while under construction” ?

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2 Responses to The Church is not a building…

  1. Cathy K says:

    thanks for the encouragement I pray that I will be willing to be used “while under construction” Often I am unwilling to let my incompleteness
    show to others.

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  2. Valorie says:

    Good thing we don’t need to be completed to use our talents, because best I can tell, I will be under construction for the rest of my life!

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