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Thanksgiving is a Season

In Cameroon, Thanksgiving is not a national holiday; it is not the ‘start’ of the shopping extravaganza that marks the retail Christmas season;  it is a season in the church year.  Multiple Sundays during the months of October and November …

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Find me if you can….

One of the things I love about teaching Science in this part of the world is the opportunity to observe the marvelous creatures in the world around us.  Just this morning my students collected a slime mold of a tree …

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When the wind blows….

When the wind blows… so starts the nursery rhyme but at RFIS it is not the cradle that falls but the wall.

As we move from rainy season to dry season during this month we can have some terrific storms.  …

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Welcome to the blog of Jeff and Carolyn Stoker.  Try something new!  I regularly tell my students to do this and in this spirit we are trying something new too – a blog. Thus you have Stoker Stories: Reflections from

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