Writing workshop for Congolese French teachers

16 French teachers and school principals gave deep appreciation to Nancy Janney, Pete’s cousin, for the writing workshop  she gave them July 17-19.  Nancy came to Congo for weeks the end of July as leader the Ames Evangelical Free Church’s …

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Encouraging reception for CHE in Bogose-Nubea

Last week we had a GREAT time of CHE (Community Health Evangelism) training at Bogose-Nubea.  We were with the 18 head nurses of each of the health centers and the 18 Presidents of the CODESA for each area of health …

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“Savings is changing my life,” Mama Olonu

Olonu Ndaba is a testimony to her family and neighborhood.










Olonu is a member of the Bolingo (Love) women’s savings group.  She is 75 years old and has been a widow …

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Expanded Bokonzo water system serves thousands

Last week I joined the Covenant Kids Congo (CKC) team on their visit to the expanded and renewed Bokonzo water system.  Thanks to CKC powered by World Vision for renewing this critical water source for the Bokonzo, Gemena II and …

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Educated, Inspired and Challenged in South Africa

I was educated, inspired and challenged at the Consultation for African partners of Covenant World Relief (CWR) that I attended in May.  Representatives came from 2 partners Cameroon, the Central African Republic (CAR), eastern DRC and me from NW DRC, …

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CAR refugees yearning to become self-supporting

I was very encouraged to hear the refugees from the Central African Republic at the Inke Refugee camp express their strong desire to become self-sufficient in food and to have means to earn an income.  That is a change from …

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The saga of getting the Hilux off the barge

Getting our new Hilux off the barge was a huge undertaking.  Thanks to Dawili Debo’s ingenuity, persistance and negotiating skills he got the truck safely off the barge and on to Gemena.

The barge arrived at the port of Akula …

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Encouragement and hope in mourning

Today the staff that works with us came with their wives to have a short service of encouragement and remembrance for Cindy following the loss of her father in January.  The CEUM culture has these services all the time to …

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Rev. Liwawa Elenga – Humble Servant Pastor

Elenga's casket at the funeral

Elenga’s casket at the funeral

Last week we were privileged to attend the funeral for our friend and co-worker Rev. Liévin Liwawa Elenga. Born December 12, 1962, he passed away March 4, 2017 following an 8 month battle with intestinal …

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Log Bridge Dangers

Traveling around the Ubangi-Mongala area will bring you to having to cross questionable log bridges.  And when you have to cross them at night the uncertainty increases.  This situation in the short video took place in latter June on my …

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