Encouragement and hope in mourning

Today the staff that works with us came with their wives to have a short service of encouragement and remembrance for Cindy following the loss of her father in January.  The CEUM culture has these services all the time to encourage the family who lost a loved one.  They bought the food for the meal, prepared it and we sat and fellowshiped together.  It was special.

18 at our table

Cindy sharing about her dad








Auld Lang Syne is sung at every funeral or service to encourage/support the family in mourning we’ve been to in Congo. It is a song of hope and assurance. In Lingala the refrain says:

E Jesus truly shared with us hope for him,
Believe in Jesus as Messiah forever and ever,
E, we will see each other [again] there, in Jesus’ village.

We are grateful for this team who faithfully serves and cares.

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2 Responses to “Encouragement and hope in mourning”

  1. Jerry Penick says:

    Beautiful example of fellowship. We can learn from our brothers and sisters in DRC

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  2. Kathryn Hoden says:

    Beautiful! Food, fellowship, and friendship- what wonderful support. We continue to think of Cindy’s mother and keep you all in our prayers.

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