Computer lab dedicated at Lycee Vanette

HALLELUJAH the new computer lab at the Lycee Vanette girls’ secondary school at Karawa was completed and dedicated last Friday.  In his remarks about the lab the Rev. Goyenge said  “God brought about this fruit and we must praise Him for it.”

girls at computers (4) [640x480]







Principal Konza pointed out that the dedication took place the same week as the International Women’s Day.  She also called on the students and the community to fiercely protect this wonderful gift from those who would destroy it.

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student learning to use a laptop








Another speaker reminded those attending that “to educate a girl is to educate the future of a nation.”  Amen.

LV girls and the community gathered for the dedication

LV girls and the community gathered for the dedication

DSC05221- dedication [640x480]







A bit of background on the school.  The Lycee Vanette secondary school is 7th – 12th grade for girls.  Each high school in Congo has a different specialty and Lycee Vanette’s is business and computer training.  Since then they have added a nutrition section.  Classes started in September 2012 with 7th and 8th grades.  Since then they have added one grade per year.  Next year they will have their first graduation class.  Meagan Gillan and Cindy had a dream to add a computer lab to the school.  Through the 2013 Women Ministries Triennial women’s conference and other donors funds were raised to complete the items lacking in the school and add the computer lab.

Cindy handing the keys to Principal Konza

Cindy handing the keys to Principal Konza








The school is a continuation of the 2005-2006 Covenant Women Ministries project entitled “Educate the Girls.”  That project built most of the school, but it was not completed.  The Educate the Girls initiative also encouraged parents to send their daughters to school and supported some women who went on to college.

computer teacher Simon Liwolo explaining basics on the blackboard

computer teacher Simon Liwolo explaining basics on the blackboard









Our thanks to Keith Gustafson for technical advice, researching and buying the computers which have solid state drives.  He also installed a program which returns the computer to its set up state once shut off there-by eliminating changes a student may have made.  Last summer we were able to buy French keyboards and external mice in Kinshasa for great prices so the computers are equipped with those as well.

Principal Konza and Cindy

Principal Konza and Cindy

The Lycee Vanette girls sing the chorus to the Bantu National Anthem at the dedication.  The words are:

Mobikisi, Klisto Yesu, awa na Congo, Opambola, Obongisa

[Savior, Christ Jesus, here in Congo, Bless us, Transform us]

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  1. Joann Larson says:

    Our Tuesday morning bible study at Winnetka Covenant Church has committed to pray weekly for the school, its faculty, students and resources. It was great to find your blog and I’m pleased to share this information with our women.
    Blessings, Joann Larson

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