CHE is changing lives in Bogbakole & Botakambia

“I’ve noticed that those who are in the CHE (Community Health Evangelism) training are speaking more in church meetings and giving good reflections on the Scripture.  What they’re saying has more depth to it.  I am going to offer that they speak more often at the weekly prayer meetings.” observed Pastor Mado in Botakambia.

WOW!  Powerful stuff!  Just what we want to hear.  God is at work changing lives and drawing people closer to Himself.  We are encouraged.

After sharing the above testimony, Rev. Elenga shared these testimonies from Bogbakole, the other village where CHE is being implemented.

Yesterday after the discussion about Jesus being the true vine, we the branches and the importance of being connected to the vine (John 15:1-11) Wazindo stood up and said, “this has really touched my heart.  I am not in a good relationship with God and my wife.  Today in front of all these witnesses I want you to know that I have decided to renew my relationship with God and my wife.”

Again WOW.  Praise the Lord.

Another village resident commented, “before CHE we who are go to different churches (Covenant, Catholic, Baptist and others) used to only get together for funerals.  There was no meeting of people across denominations.  Now we meet together to study, learn and grow. We are like the fruit of CHE.”

During the lesson on Let’s Build Our Lives Rev. Elenga asked those attending to respond to “How has CHE brought change to your life?”  Their responses are encouraging:

  • we recognize that what we do and our habits affects our own health, that of our children and even that of our neighbors
  • many in the village are repairing old or building new outhouses and shower stalls
  • throughout the village people are more conscious of hygiene and are washing their hands.  We understand the health impact.
  • people are removing the debris and trash around their homes.
  • people are sleeping under mosquito nets.
  • some are paying more attention to nutrition and what they eat, making sure that they have some fruit and add peanuts or beans to their diet
  • people are caring for small animals, actually raising them.

All these testimonies are very, very encouraging.  They indicate that slowing lives and habits are being touched and changed.  Please continue to pray for the CHE initiative in Bogbakole and Botakambia.

We also ask you to consider giving to the CHE ministry here: Give to the CHE ministry.  Funds are needed for weekly transportation to these 2 villages and for Rev. Elenga’s salary.

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