Strange fish disease spreading throughout the area

A strange, fast spreading disease is killing fish in the area of the CEUM.  The disease was first noticed near Gbado-Gboketsa the week before Christmas.  3 weeks later it was found in streams near Karawa some 120 miles to the SW.  Today I learned that it has been seen in streams less than 10 miles from Gemena or another 50 miles farther West.  Its presence was announced on the local radio stations last night.

As these photos show the disease shows up as a fleshy wound in the side of the fish.

fleshy wound on side of fish

fleshy wound on side of fish


Paul Noren did some research on the disease and believes it is the “epizootic ulcerative syndrome” described in these two articles:

Fish Disease Spreading

“The disease is caused by a fungus that is originally from South East Asia, but has been spread to many other parts of the world by the movement of live fish and, possibly, by the transport of contaminated water.

“Once introduced, the disease is fairly indiscriminate and has been reported to affect most fish species, including popular angling species such as bass, barbel, carp, nembwe and tigerfish. Infection of fish requires the breaking of the skin for the fungus to get hold. Once infected, the disease manifests itself in three stages — first, pinheadized red spots form on the body and fins of the fish; these develop into 2-4cm wide ulcers which finally form large open ulcers which eventually kill the fish.

Emergence of epizootic ulcerative syndrome

This is a MAJOR blow to local river economy as many people fish the rivers and streams.  From what we have read it appears that those with fish ponds can keep them clean, but they must be very, very careful.  Pray that they are able to keep their ponds clean.  There are over

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