Successful fields of corn in South Sudan

Thanks to the partnership between the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan (ECCS) and Community Covenant Church in Scotts Valley, CA these fields of corn are growing well in Malakal.


Young corn up close

Community Covenant initiated an agricultural project with the ECCS several years ago and this is a beautiful result. Yes, there have been some delays along the way including the need to fence the property, but through patience and persistence the corn is growing in Malakal.

The ECCS comments on this project: “The farm is progressing well with a lot of maize seedlings and has become one of the outstanding farms that the passengers who passed by the road use to call ” the Malakal Governor’s farm,” because it is the biggest farm in the area. There are other ECCS farms in Maiwut and Akobo counties which are also cultivated by the same [Community Covenant] funds.


Matthew Jock in Corn Field

“We appreciate your [CWR’s] efforts and vigorous commitment and love to support the agriculture work in South Sudan. South Sudan is the youngest nation of the world with vast natural resources which were not utilized so far is one of the leading hungriest nations of the world. More than 75% of its total population live under $ 1 per day and the majority of the people of the war ravaged [country] live under single meal per day. Therefore, this is the country that needs the efforts of all compassionates who should do all their bests to save the marginalize and the poorest people who survive under such a dire situation.”

Thank you Community Covenant for your commitment to Sudan. Thank you ECCS for your diligent efforts in farming. We pray that the seed would produce one hundred fold and beyond.

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