Graduation reception Congo style

Giselle - the proud graduate!

Sunday afternoon we attended the graduation reception for Giselle Nkakala who graduated from the Institut Superior Technique Medical (ITSM) on Saturday. ISTM is the university level nursing school in Gemena. It was a
festive affair with over 100 in attendance to celebrate with the graduate.

Giselle was escorted in by fellow students with one person squirting confetti from behind her. Guests then lined up to greet her and give gifts. We had a wonderful feast with about 6 different meat dishes including: beef kabobs, grilled chicken, tasty goat with a mushroom sauce, beef with corn & onions, rice with sliced canned hot dogs, sliced boiled eggs on top of a cabbage salad, fish, pasta with sliced hot dogs and French fries plus assorted beverages. What a feast and a fun outing!!

Giselle's Escort

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