Do This and You Will Live

“Do this and you will live” was the theme of our Covenant missionary spiritual retreat at Kribi, Cameroon last week. 24 Covenant missionaries from 4 countries across Africa gathered at the Hotel Ilomba on the beach. It is a beautiful place for rest and renewal both spiritually and physically.


The beach at the Ilomba Hotel

Pastor Brian Wiele from River Ridge Covenant Church in Olympia, WA was our speaker. He spoke on the familiar great commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul and with all your strength. Do this and you will live.” He unpacked each of the phrases– what does it mean to love the Lord your God in these ways? How do we live this out? As he explained these he gave us a physical action to accompany the phrase and help live it out. “Loving the Lord with your heart is trusting Him.” He encouraged us to ball our fists as if we’re holding something tightly and then slowly open our hand, releasing the issue/item to the Lord in an act of trust. It is amazing how significant a simple action like that can be to help release things to the Lord. One other. For love your neighbor as yourself, hold your arms as if you are holding a needy child, maybe clutching it to your breast. Feel the love and care you want to share with that child. That and more is how the Lord loves and holds us and how he asks us to love others. Powerful.

I always enjoy these biennial retreats because of the interaction with colleagues. We share, listen, sing, laugh, play games, walk the beach, swim, watch the sunset and pray.


An evening bonfire with colleagues

The highlight for me is the time of personal sharing and prayer. Over a couple sessions each day every missionary shares how they are doing personally and then the body prays for them with laying on of hands. It is renewing and uplifting as we cry out to the Lord on behalf of our colleagues.


Prayer Circle

I am returning to Congo now renewed and challenged with a lot of ideas to reflect on as I seek to “Do this and you will live.” Thanks Lord.

Another highlight is Fun Night when people come up with crazy, silly skits and songs. Some years are more memorable than others, creating memories that last for years and years. This year I volunteered to the minute challenge where I had to try to get a cookie from my forehead to my mouth without touching or dropping it. I didn’t succeed, but it puts you into contortions trying to get it there. Funny to watch and silly to do!

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  1. Bethany says:

    Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time of refreshment and teaching. Sad that you did not include a picture of this momentous cookie feat you were trying to accomplish.

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