Food and Cooks at Pastors Conference

The cooks at the Pastors Conference did an outstanding job.

The Buffet Line

2,245 pastors and spouses attended. A conference does not work in Congo like it does in the US where we all head out to neighboring restaurants to eat. Here there is a team of men and women who cook all the food for the huge group. They had tea and maybe a fried plaintain for breakfast. Dinner was served pretty much on time. People were divided into 5 large groups for the noon meal. Each person brought their own plate, cup and silverware. The lines were long, but moved well.

Waiting for Food

Incomprehensible for me to think about—how much of this and that do you need for this large a group? I heard from others that they like Gbado-Lite for a large event like this because the people have done very well with the food, they know how to do it and do it well.  Here are pictures of each cooking team:

The Rice Ready-ers

The Pondu Preparers

The Fuku Fellowship

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One Response to “Food and Cooks at Pastors Conference”

  1. Jim Hocking says:

    Pete, Been there done that. Yes Gbadolite is bigger but sometimes that is not better. Looks like it was a great time of fellowship and making things work with what you have. They are really much better at that than we are.

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