OUTSTANDING Offering to Repair Church Roof

Praise the Lord! The Bokonzo congregation gave an outstanding offering to repair the church roof on Feb 6th.

Service at Bokonzo on the 6th with roof open

During the few days leading up to the 6th, they received gifts for 7 kilos of roofing nails and 4 of the 2x6s needed. The deacons had gone around to church members houses telling them to be prepared to give during the service on the 6th. After the sermon they took pledges for cash or materials and received 18- 2 x 6s; 19.5 kilos of other nails needed; 4 – 12 meter re-rod to be used as tie-downs, plus coffee, tea and sugar for the workday Monday. The total value of the offerings over those 3 days was $293.31. This combined with over $1,400 in gifts from the US allowed us to buy new roofing to replace the damaged sheets.

Monday, Feb 7th, was an all church workday to repair the roof. Everyone at the headquarters was to be at church to work. The challenge was to do it all in one day. The supplies were purchased quickly and people showed up to volunteer labor, so we were able to get it all done!

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